open-source student information system


Centre SIS.

Centre is an open-source student information system built using PHP and PostgreSQL.

Centre is Web-based and Infinitly Scalable.

Centre was written by Andrew Schmadeke. Andrew has renamed the project to Focus/SIS (you might call Focus/SIS a fork), and is no longer working on Centre.

Student Demographics
Define the data your school or district needs to track. Be empowered to search and report on any student data.
Powerful Reporting
Use your data effectively. Create custom reports, in the format you need. Centre creates visual reports, Excel reports, and PDF's designed by you. Printed reports can include any student data, and even school logos.
Centre includes a web-based gradebook for teachers. Teachers can do their grades from home, and don't need to import the students in their classes. At the end of each term, final grades can be calculated automatically by the gradebook, or teachers can enter grades by hand. Centre produces report cards, transcripts, and calculates GPA and class rank.
User Management
Parents, Teachers, Students, and Administrators are given access to the data they need to do their jobs effectively. From any computer with internet access, any parent can check on their children's grades, teachers can submit the day's attendance, and school administrators can generate state and district reports. Logo
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